Things That Peeve My Pet

Everyone has pet peeves, and I am no different, except that my pet peeves are not about ridiculous non-issues, but rather about legitimate concerns. So, what does actually peeve my pet? I know you didn't ask but here it is answer regardless.

I could care less

Even when I started typing this section, I had to take a deep breath because the degree to which this incorrectly worded saying peeves my pet is beyond words. Let's analyze.

If someone 'could care less', it means that they could care less, but they are not, leading to the conclusion that they care a little. If you are one of the dim wits who says 'I could care less', when in fact you are trying to say 'I couldn't care less', then please, make sure that you correct your speech after you read this part of the site. It will make it a lot easier on me to go through my life, and cause fewer cringeworthily moments where I have to stifle my protests publically.

I unconsciously...

Did you, now?! Did you really unconsciously do something? If you are unconscious, it means that you existing outside the realm of consciousness, and are laying on the ground (or somewhere) listless, drooling up a puddle. In this state, you cannot be doing anything.

What you really meant to say is that you subconsciously did or said something. This means that your conscious self, though fully aware and awake did not make the decision to do an action, but instead your subconscious (the part of your mind that you are now fully aware of that controls some of your actions) took over and made you do or say something.

It goes without saying

Nothing has ever gone without saying, because if it could go without saying, you wouldn't have to say 'it goes without saying'. So just exclude that portion of your thoughts and just say what you want to say, and make the world a better place.

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