A Companion to The Thoughtful

I love sarcasm. Not in the same way I love family and friends, but in a much more primal way. I have been on the receiving end of many scornful glances, stares, gasps, chidings, and bewilderment often enough to know that I have little to no self control when it comes to being sarcastic--and I like it!

This is Oscar Wilde. He is mentioned in the text to the left.Sarcasm, despite what many think is a humanitarian language tool, which allows for jabs, pokes, and outright blows (without causing physical harm) depending on the intellectual capacity of the person that is the target of sarcasm. So what is not to like, nay, what is not to love? Absolutely, nothing.

By now, you have surely thought of the saying by Oscar Wilde...

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, ..."

It is also very likely that you never knew who said it until just now. What you also, in all likelihood, do not know is that the quote does not end there. With irony, it continues...

"...but the highest form of intelligence."

This of course proves without a doubt that sarcasm is indeed a mental weapon used by the intelligentsia to deliver lowbrow witticisms in order to disarm the stupid public at large. Just because the quote is self-serving takes nothing away from its gravitas. After all, what intelligent person would disagree with a quote from Oscar Wilde, the one person in history whose word is only surpassed by that of God himself--no there is no possibility that God is a woman, otherwise it would have said so in one of the Judeo-Christian holy books; even the New Testament says that God is a man.

Read a few sarcastic quotes, pretend you understand them, and move on.
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